Becoming UnFamous

The Journey From "How We Do It" To "How He Do It"

How does one make the transition from an R&B superstar to an ordained pastor and family man? Not without a lot of challenges and opposition along the way. Through powerfully honest recollections and reflections, Montell lets you in on his trying and dynamic journey from R&B music into a full life in Christ in his new autobiography, Becoming Unfamous.

Choosing faith and family over fame, Montell has learned that nothing satisfies like Christ does. Blessed with an opportunity to function in both his gift and his calling, Montell is more alive today than ever before. Read the book to find out how Montell went from “How We Do It” to “How He Do It” by putting his focuses on his relationships with God, his wife, and his family. Encontre as melhores casas de apostas neste site.


Montell's Story

Learn more about Montell Jordan's transformational journey from R&B superstar to ordained pastor and family man.

About the Book

Following years of awards, achievements and accolades in television, music and film that never seemed to satisfy, Montell learned that without fame he’s a husband, a dad, and a friend. He stepped away from the entertainment business for many years in search of significance over success. In that time away, Montell was able to reevaluate his priorities and ultimately find his passion. This was found as he connected with his childhood faith.

Montell speaks, teaches, mentors, ministers to married couples, and continues songwriting and performing today. Following a five year R&B musical hiatus, Jordan now does music again, as he has determined both what he is gifted to do and what he is purposed to do and allowed those worlds to meet. Montell now serves more than 13,000 people from 130+ nations around the world each weekend as an Executive Pastor at Victory World Church in Norcross, GA.

Montell’s faith is the reason he desires to share the good news of his journey with all who are willing to listen, be encouraged, and possibly transformed as he was.


About Montell

Montell Jordan, best known as the smooth-voiced R&B singer responsible for the mainstream #1 hit “This is How We Do It,” is now known as a man who uses the gift of music as a vehicle to transport people into the presence of God. This Grammy nominated, multi-platinum recording artist has had numerous billboard number ones, and is now an executive pastor for Victory World Church in Norcross Georgia, leading a powerful worship team (Victory World Music), men’s ministry and marriage ministry.

Jordan still performs and speaks using his pop notoriety and ministry influence to develop leaders and point people towards Jesus.

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